Valery Kovalska – Magic, Mystery and Dark powers during London Fashion Week

– Ukrainian designer Valery Kovalska presented her Spring/Summer 2011 collection ‘Professional Suicides’ at the La Geneve North ‘A La Mode’ catwalk show on 18 September 2010.  

Valery Kovalska who usually specialises in designing costumes for dance and music performances devoted this collection to reflect the powers of nature and their impact on mankind.  

The colours used for ‘Professional Suicides’ perfectly fit the style and the mood of this theme red, blue, black and a little bit of beige these colors symbolised unknown magic, mystery and dark powers of nature.   Valery Kovalska always works with natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, denim, leather but the two distinguishing features showcased on the catwalk through the geometry and the clearness of lines.

The spirit and the mood of the ‘Professional Suicides’ collection was complimented by the rock music that played as the models took to the catwalk.

Recently showcased at Russia Fashion Week, Valery Kovalska has been highly praised for her contemporary, punk rock edge.  When asked why she chose to showcase at A La Mode Valery said: “It was a great opportunity that I wanted to be a part of” and that she hopes to showcase the collection in Moscow and Kiev.

With an air of mystery and magic about herself and her work, Valery’s collection creates illusions, which are further supported with edgy promotional videos.

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