Ralf Lauren Romance Advertising Campaign Starring Nacho and Delfina

The Family of Nacho Figueras Stars in the Ralf Lauren Romance Campaign

The polo player and his wife, Delfina, continue the Ralf Lauren tradition of real-life couples advertising Romance for women, one of the most popular fragrances from Ralf Lauren.

Since the launch of the fragrance in 1998, Romance has made it a tradition to feature real romantic moments in its advertising campaigns. The “heroes” in the new chapter of the story of Romance will be polo star Nacho Figueras and his significant other, Delfina Blaquier.

Renowned film maker and photographer Bruce Weber will be the one shooting the new advertising campaign. Among other things, Bruce Weber has been the one to capture the black and white images in a timeless manner from the moment Romance was launched.

This campaign will be different from the previous Romance advertising chapters as it comes with full colors, which is a premiere for the Romance fragrance, in an attempt to illustrate lives of couples in fairytale scenery. The campaign aims to reflect Ralf Lauren’s devotion to the traditions of family, polo and equestrian heritage.

Nacho and Delfina said they felt honored to be seen as a symbol of Ralf Lauren’s vision of romance and as a real-life happy family.

The new advertising campaign has been shot in Argentina, at the Delfina’s grandparents’ home, La Concepion in Buenos Aires. The estate witnessed many of Delfina and Nacho’s dates, to become the place of their wedding.

Delfina remembers that Nacho used to invite her to go riding many times, and they would enjoy the sunny weather on the back of their horses. She added that they often lost track of space and time and that she was amazed at how well Bruce Weber managed to capture the atmosphere of their romance.

Romance is a fresh floral fragrance that combines the sensuality of Musk Coeur, Night Blooming Daylily, Lotus Flower, and Sungoddess Rose essences into a timeless fragrance that embodies a magical and elegant romantic world.