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Acne. Treat it before it happens?!


Acne.  Treat it before you get it!?

When you see that ugly little red pimple on your
face you can be sure that the condition already exists, you have a problem, you
can see it, and now you’re thinking about a treatment.

But, what if you treated your skin and prevented
the pimple from even forming?  Acne
begins to form roughly two to three weeks before you even see the blemish.  What happens is dead skin cells don’t shed
and sort of stick together and plug up the hair follicles (pores) and allow
bacteria to form. The body works to heal itself and swelling, redness, and
irritation become evident and the result is the ugly pimple or skin condition
known as acne.

However, under certain conditions and with proper
care your acne is 100% manageable to the extent that no one would even know
there was a problem.  Rather than
fighting with the pimple condition and waiting for it to heal, you could be doing
things to prevent the infection from ever happening.

What is the treatment?

Since it’s excess oils, dead skin cells, and
environmental impact that causes the problem, the solution or treatment is to
prevent those things from happening which means a regimen of cleaning,
treating, and protecting your skin.

Your prevention program/treatment must include:
-Removing (exfoliating) the

-dead cells and prevent build up from occurring.

-Balancing the oil levels on
the skin… not removing but balancing.

-Daily cleaning and removal
of troublesome organisms and makeup from your skin.

-Pay attention to and try to
avoid triggers like monthly hormonal cycles and stressful conditions.

Find Good Products!

You can’t just start scrubbing your face with bar
soap. The skin is delicate and sensitive and requires care to avoid damage and
excessive drying out of the skin.

Some products like Body Acne Combo are designed for a rapid result
with already formed pimples and might contain harsh chemicals that offer
temporary results but in the long term are useless as preventative tools.

Do your research, find a good company that offers
a wide variety of proven products. Find
specific ones that deal with preventative treatment of the skin.

Find good cleaners that will remove those dead
skin cells and excessive oils and acids but won’t harm or irritate the
skin.  Look for treatment products that
not only remove the possible problem but also feed and nurture the skin.

In a very short time you will begin to experience
perfect pimple free skin that glows with a healthy normal look and not have to
worry about the acne struggle again.

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