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Volcanic Tours to Eyjafjallajokull Glacier with Iceland Total

– Volcano tours are fast becoming the most popular recreation in Iceland for 2010. This is due to the eruptions close to the Eyjafjallajokull glacier, where over 10 thousand people have already visited the eruption site.

The easy accessibility of the volcano means that you can get up close and personal with one of mother nature’s most incredible spectacles. At the “tourist friendly” site you can experience the sounds, the smells and feel the ground vibrate from the sheer force of the volcano underneath your feet. You can even take home a piece of volcanic rock as a souvenir of your experience.

With this in mind, Icelandtotal.com offers various volcano tours and package deals for those interested. The online travel shop provides several single day tours and holiday packages to the Fimmvorduhals volcanic eruption.

Icelandtotal.com offers special package deals that incorporate three nights accommodation, and a Super Jeep tour to the eruption site. You can also take the self-drive option and stay at a hotel near the site of the volcano.

In addition to this, single day tours are available at the online shop. There you can choose from the Super Jeep tour, guided bus tour, or a Helicopter sightseeing tour over the area.

Further details regarding volcano tours and holidays in Iceland visit http://www.icelandtotal.com.

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Icelandtotal.com is the largest online travel agency in Iceland which offers the best selection of Iceland vacations and holiday packages, tours, accommodation and car rentals. It is your one-stop-shop for cheap travel deals and special offers in Iceland. It is operated by Iceland Travel which is part of Icelandair Group. Book your Iceland holiday on Iceland Total and enjoy the best value for money available. Get more info at http://www.icelandtotal.com

New PayPal Spoof Email Now Circulating

– Security Bulletin from Social Edition News at http://www.socialeditionnews.com

Criminals never stop.  There is a new PayPal spoof email now circulating claiming to be from “Mark”, a PayPal mailing manager, with the subject line, Notifications of Payments to your Inbox.  In fact this is a poorly disguised attempt at spoofing a legitimate PayPal email and a shameless attempt at advertising.  Recipients of emails such as the one pictured NEVER follow any link inside of it.

I happen to have top of the line security software installed on my computer so I was safe from any potential virus attach or malicious activity so I decided to follow the link.  I was taken to one web site call mysalespage.com only to be redirected to another site called mysalespage.net where you are bombarded with ads for get rich quick schemes and a sign up box for these so-called money making programs.  DO NOT register your email here.  It may be an attempt to harvest your email address and personal information to sell to other spammers.

While my system did not encounter any malware or virus while visiting the link, it is not recommended you visit the sites above.  There is no fast and easy way to make money and rich people DO NOT just give their ways to make money away if they really work.

Read the full article and see the fake email at http://socialeditionnews.com/allnews/paypal-spoof-email- …

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Social Edition News is a site providing visitors with everyday news from local, regional, national and global events. We are on the web at http://www.socialeditionnews.com and offer news topics that are easy to follow articles consisting of daily events.

Houston Galleria Hotel Offers Guests An Escape Shopping Package


Guests can experience an indulgent shopping weekend in the upscale Houston Galleria. The JW Marriott Houston, a Houston Galleria hotel, is offering an “Escape Shopping Package.”

Shopping enthusiasts can discover all the amazing shopping that the Houston Galleria has to offer. This JW Marriott Houston Escape Shopping Package includes:

*   Deluxe accommodations (one king or two double beds)

*   Daily breakfast in hotel restaurant

*   $50 gift card per night

*   Self parking in hotel garage

This Houston Shopping package runs through December 31, 2010. Rates start at just $199.00 per night.

Guests Can Relax and Unwind After Long Day at the Houston Galleria

The JW Marriott Houston offers many on-site amenities.  With two onsite restaurants, a well-equipped fitness center and a beautiful heated indoor/outdoor pool area, guests will find plenty to enjoy before and after their shopping extravaganza. Vacationers can relax and unwind with Marriott’s luxurious bedding, down comforters, custom duvets and linens.

Perfect for a last minute weekend, romantic trip or girl’s getaway, this Houston Galleria hotel features many incentive packages.

Guests can book now and experience the glamorous Houston Texas Lifestyle. For more information and booking options at the JW Marriott Houston please visit: http://www.marriott.com/houjw.

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The majestic 23-story JW Marriott Houston hotel provides luxurious accommodations and amenities conveniently located in the heart of Houston’s Galleria area. This Houston luxury hotel is near more than 200 exclusive stores as well as fine dining, entertainment and local museums. An array of on-site hotel amenities include: an onsite fitness center, indoor /outdoor connecting pool, hot tub, Starbucks coffee house, South Coast restaurant, Destino lounge, Concierge Lounge and extensive meeting and function space. Spacious guestrooms offer luxurious down comforters, custom duvets and cotton-rich linens. This Houston luxury hotel is the ideal place for wedding ceremonies, receptions and special events. Newly renovated meeting space offers high-tech amenities for your business needs. Come relax and rejuvenate at the luxurious JW Marriott Houston.

Admiral Thad Allen Named Recipient Of The 2010 Fred V. Morrone Memorial 9/11 Award

– Washington, D.C September 11, 2010 The United States Airport and Seaport Police

(USASP) and International Association of Airport and Seaport Police (IAASP) today announced Admiral Thad Allen as the fourth recipient of the Fred V. Morrone 9/11 Memorial Award. The award ceremony will take place in conjunction with the Tri-Association Award Dinner in New York City on November 3, 2010 at the Chelsea Pier 61.

Admiral Thad W. Allen assumed the duties as the 23rd Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard

on May 25, 2006. He is a native of Tucson, Arizona and graduated from the U.S. Coast Guard

Academy in 1971. On May 25, 2010 Allen retired from the U.S. Coast Guard. He has been

widely-praised for his performance directing the federal response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in the Gulf Coast region from September 2005 to January 2006. Following his position as

commandant, Allen continued to serve on active duty for 36 days in his role as National Incident Commander of the Unified Command for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Allen officially retired from the U.S. Coast Guard on June 30, 2010, but continues to serve as

the National Incident Commander of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill as a senior executive of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Admiral Allen previously served as the Coast Guard Chief of Staff and Commanding Officer,

Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, D.C., from May 2002 to April 2006. He also served

as the Chairman of the Department of Homeland Security’s Joint Requirements Council from

2003 to 2006. In September 2005, Admiral Allen was designated the Principal Federal Official

for Hurricane Katrina response and recovery operations in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. He additionally served as Principal Federal Official for Hurricane Rita response and recovery activities in Louisiana.

Admiral Thad W. Allen Named 4th Recipient of Fred V. Morrone Memorial 9/11 Award

Prior to his assignment as Chief of Staff, Admiral Allen served as Commander, Coast Guard

Atlantic Area, Fifth Coast Guard District, and U.S. Maritime Defense Zone Atlantic in

Portsmouth, VA, where he was the operational commander for all Coast Guard activities in an

area of responsibility spanning five Coast Guard Districts, encompassing more than 14 million

square miles and involving 26,000 military and civilian employees, and 27,900 members of the

USCG Auxiliary. Admiral Allen led the Coast Guard’s Atlantic Area forces in response to the

terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

“Today, America and the world’s communities are a safer place because of the work

accomplished by Admiral Allen,” said Jay Grant, director of the United States Airport and

Seaport Police (USASP). “I have personally worked with him over the past years and have

found his leadership inspiring, his skills to accomplish a job extraordinary and his commitment to succeed in his tasks masterful. It is hard to find an individual of this stature. He has served his Nation with great distinction. We honor him in the name of Fred Morrone and the 36 brave

officers from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Department who perished in the World Trade Towers and to all first responders who gave their lives on nine-eleven and

those who serve each and every day.”

“We are pleased to celebrate the accomplishments of Admiral Allen,” said Ronald J. Boyd, chief of the Los Angeles Port Police and president of the International Association of Airport and Seaport Police (IAASP). He had a direct impact on the 9/11 aftermath and has shown great leadership in the fight against global terrorism and is well deserving of this honor. The world is a different place because of the events of 9/11. We have an obligation to never forget our fellow officers, who gave their lives to save others, and are pleased to bestow the Fred Morrone 9/11 Award to great individuals such as the Admiral for their unselfish work.”

About the Fred V. Morrone Memorial 9/11 Award The Fred V. Morrone 9/11 Award was jointly established by the United States Airport and Seaport Police and the International Association of Airport and Seaport Police in 2007. The inaugural recipient was the Honorable Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of the City of New York.  In 2008, the Honorable Asa Hutchinson, former Undersecretary for the Department of Homeland Security was the second recipient; and in 2009, Francis Townsend, Assistant to President (George W. Bush) for homeland security and counterterrorism was the third recipient.

On September 11, 2001, New York & New Jersey Port Authority Police were the first law

enforcement personnel to respond to the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center. Officers

quickly rushed into the burning buildings and helped rescue thousands of employees who

arrived at work moments earlier. Thirty-seven of these heroic men and women were killed that

day when the towers collapsed. One of those heroes was Superintendent of Police Fred

Morrone, the most senior officer to perish.

Superintendent Morrone was also serving as the incoming president of the International

Association of Airport and Seaport Police at the time of this death.

One of Fred’s concerns was always the lack of professional port police training for police officers from third world countries and ensuring all police first responders working in the public

transportation filed were properly trained. As part of his vision he wanted to establish

subsidized training programs to further assistance within the profession.  Following Fred’s untimely death, the international board resolved to continue the initiative and to establish a strategic plan to make the Education Fund concept become a reality, in Fred’s memory. The Fred Morrone Education Program relies mainly on donations and fund raising activities.

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An international organization established 1968 by public-government law enforcement departments, is a non-profit intergovernmental public safety organization – the organization facilitates global efforts in the prevention of public transportation crime and terrorism. With the ability to coordinate efforts in over 166 countries worldwide providing a forum for intelligence, training, intergovernmental operations, policy and strategic issues. We encourage active participation of command personnel, former officials, transportation partners from airlines, terminal operations, shipping, cruise lines and other security operations.

Talent Management – New Website Connecting Talented People to Business Everyday

– Not only is there always a requirement for talent on an entertainment level, there is also a demand for talent from businesses and organisations looking to promote their products and brand image.

With positions available for actors, singers, dancers, models, musicians and entertainers, why not consider signing up to the Talent Management agency and fill the number of jobs available.

Talent Management welcomes talent in all forms. It boasts a unique network of talent agents across the nation, representing talented performers from singers, dancers and musicians to models, entertainers and look-a-likes.

The kind of jobs that become available include presenting jobs such as broadcaster, modelling for films, TV and fashion, session musicians, children’s entertainers, dancers and backing singers. These all have the possibility of giving you your big break in the entertainment industry, and Talent Management is focused on representing talented performers in any way shape or form.

It is not just another ‘showcase’ website. Instead, Talent Management (http://www.talentmanagement.com/) is an Employment Agency meaning it is experienced, Government regulated and finds jobs for models, actors, singers, dancers, entertainers and musicians in the film, TV, advertising, photographic, modelling, promotional, advertising and theatrical industries.

The new Talent Management website includes an extensive job board where work is regularly submitted. Many clients submit positions as a matter of urgency so it is crucial that you keep your eye on the ball for the latest developments.

With dozens of success stories, you can trust in Talent Management to help make dreams come true.

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Talent Management (http://www.talentmanagement.com/) is a nationwide talent agency helping clients find the talent they need, every day. We’ve been active in the talent business for almost two decades, connecting models, actors, dancers, singers, entertainers and musicians to business and helping new talent promote themselves with an agency.

Softtek Provides World Class IT Services to World Expo Shanghai’s USA Pavilion

– New York, NY September 20 2010 Softtek, a global provider of IT and business process solutions and the largest private IT service provider in Latin America, has been selected to provide IT services to the current USA Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010.

Softtek is responsible for the PDS system, CCTV system, fire alarm system, turnstile and people counting system, building automatic system and VIP multifunction A/V system among other major IT services at the USA Pavilion.

The USA Pavilion’s theme at Shanghai Expo 2010 is “Rising to the Challenge.” It tells the story of the American spirit of perseverance, innovation, and community-building in a multi-dimensional, hi-tech presentation.  Softtek CEO Blanca Trevi