POcontrol.com Exhibiting at the Softworld Accounting and HR show 2010

– On 19th and 20th October this year POcontrol.com will be available for comments and product demonstrations in the London ExCel as part of the Softworld Accounting and HR show 2010.

In the past 12 months sales of POcontrol.com have increased by 85% in the UK market, as such MD Neill Austin explains why the UK is now such an important market for this internet start up and why it’s their main focus:

“We’re very happy with the take up in the UK market, I think it shows that purchasing management software is finally becoming a mainstream item that companies of all sizes can afford, not just the multinationals. We’ve also seen a major lift in the US market as well but because of London’s relevance in the world financial markets, this is where we’ll be concentrating our efforts on for 2011”.

POcontrol.com is a web based purchase control system designed for any size of company. For more information see www.pocontrol.com, call 0208 123 77 44(UK) or 01 44 33 928 (IRL) or e mail sales@POcontrol.com

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POcontrol.com specialises in creating SAAS applications. We have over 1000 clients in the UK, USA, Ireland and increasingly have found success in the multi-national and semi-state sectors. POcontrol.com is the flag ship product of the company.