Oddpath.com – TSA Checkpoint and Airport Security Steps, Ideas, and Hints to Save time

– Have you ever discovered that you had spent more time at the TSA check points and airport security lines than the time it took you to fly to your destination? Some people have to get screened more than others and at times some of us have been held up in checkpoints longer than it took fly in the air to achieve our travel destination. If this is the case and or you’re tired of wasting more time then needed in the airports, you might like these helpful hints and tricks we are bringing to your attention:

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1. Avoid wearing metal or steel containing accessories, items, clothing, jewelry, money clips, belt buckles, keys, tin foil (gum wrappers), etc.. If you have keys, key chains, cell phones, etc that you have to take just make sure you have them all located in one area so you can take them out at once and place them in the container at the screening checkpoint.

2. Avoid footwear that has metal or thick soles. Also make sure you are not wearing footwear that is hard to put on and take off cause you will have to remove them at the security checkpoint. The reason we mention thick soles is because the TSA can screen your shoes for other purposes than just metal. This might be a precaution they take to make sure your not concealing anything in your shoes/boots.

3. If you plan to travel during the holidays make sure you do not pre-wrap any presents. In some cases it is much smarter to ship them rather than bringing them on the flight with you as well as through the checkpoints. This will help save you a lot of time.

4. You should usually try to arrive at least one to two hours prior to departure if you’re flying domestic and between two to three hours if you’re flying international. Remember the worst thing that can happen is that you miss your flight in which case this will cause you major headaches and stress. It’s always better to arrive at the airport to early and wait then to miss a flight and be stuck for hours or days.

5. Avoid bringing items that are prohibited at the airport screening checkpoints. Things like pocket knives, water, too much fluids, lighters, etc.

6. Make sure you use your carry on luggage for your valuable stuff such as CPU, laptops, itouch, ipad, iphone, walkman, cd player, mp3 player, jewelry, camera, video camera, etc. It is always smart to put your medication in your carry on as well in case your luggage gets lost.

7. Make sure to label your personal contact information and or a business card on your luggage, carry on luggage, laptop, and other valuable stuff in case it gets misplaced.

8. The best trick or hint to Save Time is do not bring any carry on items or carry on luggage. If you do not have anything on your or you are traveling light, chances are you will fly right through the security airport checkpoints because there will be nothing to search on you.

Over the recent years traveling has become a little more difficult do to certain events around the globe. Airports have increased security steps and procedures in order to take the necessary precautions for those that are traveling here and abroad. Chances are these security procedures will not be slowing down anytime soon and that’s why it is smart to educate yourself and others on how you can save time when flying.


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