New PayPal Spoof Email Now Circulating

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Criminals never stop.  There is a new PayPal spoof email now circulating claiming to be from “Mark”, a PayPal mailing manager, with the subject line, Notifications of Payments to your Inbox.  In fact this is a poorly disguised attempt at spoofing a legitimate PayPal email and a shameless attempt at advertising.  Recipients of emails such as the one pictured NEVER follow any link inside of it.

I happen to have top of the line security software installed on my computer so I was safe from any potential virus attach or malicious activity so I decided to follow the link.  I was taken to one web site call only to be redirected to another site called where you are bombarded with ads for get rich quick schemes and a sign up box for these so-called money making programs.  DO NOT register your email here.  It may be an attempt to harvest your email address and personal information to sell to other spammers.

While my system did not encounter any malware or virus while visiting the link, it is not recommended you visit the sites above.  There is no fast and easy way to make money and rich people DO NOT just give their ways to make money away if they really work.

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