Microsoft Certified Partners, The Best Solution, Inc. Moves into Southbury, Connecticut Offices

– Based in Woodbury, Connecticut for the past 19 years, The Best Solution, Inc. (, Microsoft Certified Partners, has moved to 450 Heritage Road in Southbury. Providers of financial support and solutions for companies throughout the United States, co-owners Kara Hermes and Richard Novia, Microsoft Certified Partners, collectively bring more than 50 years of combined extensive experience in sales, operations management, software and hardware solutions. “We help companies improve their operations,” stated Novia, “and get the most from every dollar they earn by offering controllership-level services.” Those services include financial and accounting system audits, training, technical and professional assistance with financial software products for mid to large-sized companies in the $5 to $100M in annual gross earnings.

Founded in 1991 by Kara Hermes and her late-husband, Neil Kenny, The Best Solution, Inc. was created to “meet the needs of companies that wanted to purchase their own accounting software, but did not know how to evaluate hardware and software options available to them.” Ms. Hermes pointed out that “we founded the company before Microsoft’s MS Office software was even a concept.” Their ambition was to help companies quantify their needs for accounting software and support for various accounting and financial software that were available during the time. “It was a time when most large companies used main frame computers and the majority of PC’s and Mac’s were relegated to stand-alone support tasks.”

In 1998, five years after the release of Dynamics software, The Best Solution, Inc. refocused its services to support Microsoft Business Solutions, and eventually, Microsoft Dynamics-GP. During that time, Hermes co-founded a regional partnership of resellers of all business solutions products that included 35 companies in 4 states. The resellers group met bi-monthly until the passing of Neil Kenny in 2006 after a long illness.

In 2008, Richard Novia joined The Best Solution, Inc. and enrolled the company into the Microsoft Dynamics Acceleration program; reorganized and updated the company’s website; and in 2008 was named Connecticut chapter president of IAMCP International Microsoft Channel Partners. Ms. Hermes is currently Treasurer of the IAMCP Connecticut chapter.

As executive vice president of sales, Novia brings to The Best Solution, Inc., more than 30 years in the software/hardware arena; manufacturing, printing and technology industries; and a strong background in the sales arena. Previously he was divisional director for R.R. Donnelly & Sons in Chicago for ten years, and founded and operated his own financial and accounting management consulting agency for seven years. Novia also assisted numerous companies facing bankruptcy recover and become profit leaders throughout New England.

The Best Solution, Inc. currently works with manufacturing firms, business services, medical organizations, environmental ‘green technologies’, transportation, construction, financial services and non-profit organizations. During 2010, they became members of the Waterbury Regional Chamber of Commerce, and the Southbury Business Association (SBA).

To learn more, contact Richard Novia at The Best Solution, Inc. at 203-232-5986, or via their website,