Huskies Reach 100 year Old Sailing Ship Locked in Ice

– At the end of Aqua-Firma’s summer and autumn season of Arctic Wilderness & Wildlife Sailing Voyages onboard a 100 year old schooner, the ship will on purpose, be positioned in the stunning Tempel Fjord of Spitsbergen where sea ice will lock it tight until the early summer thaw. The scene, reminiscent of an expedition waiting for the winter to clear before a launch on the Pole, will become the target of Aqua-Firma clients keen to experience a High Arctic dog sledding adventure across Arctic wilderness and sea ice. This is also an ideal experience on which to see the Northern Lights (Aurora borealis), since clients will be travelling high above the Arctic  Circle less than 11 degrees latitude from the North Pole.

From 1st March to mid May 2011, this Arctic adventure provides the opportunity to learn the skills of harnessing, handling and ‘mushing’ a team of Huskies across snow and sea ice to the centrally heated and ice strengthened tall ship waiting for them. This is a true Arctic wilderness experience which provides a complete dislocation from the modern world. Throughout the journey clients will experience some stunning Arctic scenery. Spitsbergen literally means ‘pointed mountain’ in Dutch, so called by the island’s discoverer, William Barentz, who gave it its name in 1596.  Glaciers and deep fjords are more of the island’s features, and the ship’s position within Tempel will be in full view of the Von Post glacier.

Whilst participants can enjoy a warm and cosy atmosphere onboard with some great food and three course dinners, they will need to be on hand to help in the works involved in looking after a team of huskies. Wandering out to see them without a guide is, however, a no no. Spitsbergen is the land of the polar bear so don’t be surprised if you see one wandering close to the ship.

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Notes to Editors

1.   Aqua-Firma specialises in expert led tailor made and small group exploration of wilderness and wildlife where land meets water.  Their modes of exploration include inspiring combinations of:

a.   Polar sailing and small ship voyages

b.   Wildlife & marine life safaris

c.   Expert led photography holidays

d.   Canoe and lodge safaris

e.   Rafting expeditions

f.   Yacht charters

g.   Conservation in action experiences

h.   Snorkelling & scuba diving

i.   Family adventures

2.   Aqua-Firma is the only travel company to offset the carbon emissions of its clients’ polar voyages, and flights booked through the company in joining its polar journeys. Aqua-Firma does this via a Rainforest4Climate programme set up in partnership with Rainforest Concern.

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