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SecureConnect Announces Financial Protection for Customers

– MINNEAPOLIS, MN (September 20, 2010) With the recent release of new packages, BHI SecureConnect has introduced its Breach Protection Program, providing an additional layer of financial security for customers. Causing concern among merchants, the fines associated with a security breach are potentially devastating and have caused many to seek financial protection for their businesses.  Unique to the industry, the SecureConnect Breach Protection Program covers up to $100,000 in merchant fines, assessments and related expenses attributed to a qualified PCI data breach. “We have seen an increasing trend of similar programs throughout the industry, however none provide the level of monetary coverage that SecureConnect does” said Blake Huebner, Director of Information Security at BHI SecureConnect.

Available as a standard feature in the Select, Premier and Elite packages, the Breach Protection Program is one of many new additions to help merchants address the PCI Data Security Standards and ensure a secure business environment.  “We have really focused our offerings to best serve the needs of customers.  The Breach Protection Program provides added peace-of-mind to merchants in the case of a data breach” said Kristyan Mjolsnes, Director of Marketing at BHI SecureConnect. In combination with the many enhanced services and features, this added protection helps create an end-to-end solution that benefits customers, acquiring bank partners and integration vendors.  The addition of the Breach Protection Program among other new services has been very well received.

“Both existing and new customers are excited about everything we are offering” said Huebner. The new packages are flexible and scalable to meet the unique needs of a single store owner as well as national corporate brands, enabling businesses of any size to implement a comprehensive network security and PCI compliance initiative.  With accountability growing amongst acquiring banks, vendors like SecureConnect allow merchants to deploy critical services to protect their cardholder data environment and validate compliance each year, In fact, through this approach, SecureConnect is able to not just deliver compliance, but true security beyond PCI.

About BHI Advanced Internet, Inc. provider of SecureConnect

Arabic Studies International Fosters Collaboration

– Arabic Studies International (ASI) was established to foster a greater understanding of the Arabic fields of study and to create collaboration among practitioners, translators, scholars, authors, teachers, and those interested in these fields.  

As the organization grows to over 100 members, the organization plans on additional methods of increasing interaction and group learning.  Plans currently include a blend of online and live sessions for discussion of current trends and topics.  Members would be eligible for discounted registration at all organization events.

Visitors can join ASI for free, and search Arabic related jobs, network among their peers, add publications and photos, and help to promote the Arabic community.

Dina Elbahesh, ASI co-founder, announced “We are thrilled with the participation of so many professionals from around the world and are currently planning a special event.  This will be announced as soon as details are finalized and will be the first of many events and conferences that we will host to promote the study of Arabic worldwide”.  

ASI is a membership based/membership driven organization developed to promote collaboration, networking and communication across the varied fields of Arabic Studies.    Based in the United States, the organization is open to members worldwide.  Individual Membership benefits include networking among Arabic Studies professionals and students; access to various discussion forums including those focused on culture, linguistics, literature, research, and pedagogy; job postings, a customizable member profile, opportunities to post information about your publications, add blog articles, receive a monthly E-Newsletter, and reduced registration rates for future conferences.  Plans are underway for Arabic-related workshops and speaker sessions in various locations around the United States.  Additional details can be found at the ASI web site,, designed and maintained by Vietaly Enterprises, Inc.

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Vietaly Enterprises,, is a female minority owned business located in Birmingham, Alabama, specializing in web site design and development, graphic design, printing and publications, and planning conferences, trade shows and events.


Choose Your Own Special Perfect Handbag

The genuine designer handbags are an vital item for most women, helping carry around the day and night’s necessitates. Yet in spite of its value in functionality, the handbag is also one of the most necessary-and stylistically telling-pieces in fashion. Thus, it’s essential to deliberate different features when choosing a handbag, to guarantee you get the most out of both its functionality and style.

Many women have at least one or two genuine designer handbags, which they use everyday and pair with most outfits. What’s more, most of these handbags end up being impartial in color-for example, browns, nudes, or plain black. However, choosing a genuine designer handbag to mesh with most “looks” doesn’t mean it has to be boring. select for a distinctive style, while sticking with a impartial color and you will still be able to spice up any clothes. Alternatively, kick it up a level by choosing a genuine designer handbag with metallic or subtle print detailing.

However, no one ever said you genuine designer handbag can’t be colorful. If you are not afraid to stand out, select for bright hues like red, yellow, orange or green. Don’t always worry about your handbag matching with every clothes. A lot of bright colored handbags-especially those that are solid colored-will tribute many different outfits. Just bear in mind not to let your handbag-clothes combination get too busy with prints and bright colors.

When it comes to detailed “looks”, certain styles of handbags are definitely fitting. For example, if you normally dress up for the office, odds are you will want a handbag to match. select for a structured bag with two top handles for a chic, lady like look.

On the other hand, if you are trying to accomplish a more careless look, pick up a Burberry Check Print Messenger Bag ( Worn across the body, these bags leave your arms free; but there are certainly more stylish than backpacks. Looking for something hip? Sling a slouchy like a Versace ‘Giselle lock’ hobo bag ( …) over your shoulder. And if your style is a bit edgier, pick up a clutch bag decorated with metal hardware or studs.

Size is another critical feature when it comes to choosing a handbag. Ever see anyone walking around with an brimming purse? It’s not a pretty sight-and its one purse difficulty that should be avoided at all costs. Sure, we all have days when we lug around more than usual. But if you typically tote a ton around, you’re better off sizing up on your genuine designer handbag.

That being said, however, you should also deliberate your have size when choosing a handbag. If you’re petite, don’t lug around a huge bag that overpowers your frame. Instead, go for something relative to your size. If you tend to lug around a lot in your purse size up to a medium bag at most. On the other hand, if you are tall or wide, a tiny bag will seem too small. Try one that’s on the larger side for a look that’s better suited to your frame.

Last but not least, learn to let go when it’s time for a new genuine designer handbag. Many women tend to get fond of their handbags-which is not surprising, taking into account it accompanies them everywhere. But when holes, worn leather, tears, or frayed stitching start to show, it’s time to move on to a new bag. Keeping these few tips in mind when shopping of handbags will guarantee you get one that suits not only your practical needs, but also your distinctive style.

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Women and teens always need a new outfit for every occasion. After all you never know when someone is going to ask you to go out! You might have to be ready at a moments notice. Women designer jeans, womens clothing dresses, and women’s jackets will make your closet ready with potential items for those just incase moments. Oh but wait don’t forget to buy perfumes for every occasion as well.Maybe that cute guy at work finally asked you out and wants to go to dinner and dancing. With some northface jackets, and womens dresses in your closet you will be all set for the night. You never know he may have suits for men in his closet and you always want to be prepared.

But lets say that doesn’t happen. What if you need some casual clothes to wear everyday, maybe to work, running errands, or just relaxing at home! You can raid your closet for your favorite women’s nightgown, petite clothes, or maybe plus size clothes.

As Good Times Roll Now Only 38% of Turkish Public Want to Join EU

– Whilst the Turkish Government determinedly continues in its quest for EU accession, the public are rapidly going off the idea.  73% fancied membership in 2004 but a September 2010 poll drops that figure to a meager 38%.  It seems it was never about being European, it was about the economic benefits, and now Turkey has the world’s third fastest growing economy for Q2 2010 (10.3% – beaten only by Singapore and Taiwan) those benefits are shrinking.

Daniel Dias for developer Signature International building Horizon Sky close to Bodrum comments, “There are winners and losers in an economic crisis and Turkey’s emerged as a clear winner.  Brits have turned their back on the Eurozone and are choosing value-for-money Turkey, which operates in Turkish lira, for their holidays and overseas property buying.  The two industries, tourism and real estate, are close cousins and their fortunes interlink.  As a developer we’re handling several clients who’ve holidayed here for the first time then fallen for Turkey’s charms and want to have a permanent base here.  The result is increasing prosperity for the country and a flourishing development for us.”

Indeed Turkey is gobbling up all the plaudits in 2010.  On the tourism side, Cond Exhibiting at the Softworld Accounting and HR show 2010

– On 19th and 20th October this year will be available for comments and product demonstrations in the London ExCel as part of the Softworld Accounting and HR show 2010.

In the past 12 months sales of have increased by 85% in the UK market, as such MD Neill Austin explains why the UK is now such an important market for this internet start up and why it’s their main focus:

“We’re very happy with the take up in the UK market, I think it shows that purchasing management software is finally becoming a mainstream item that companies of all sizes can afford, not just the multinationals. We’ve also seen a major lift in the US market as well but because of London’s relevance in the world financial markets, this is where we’ll be concentrating our efforts on for 2011”. is a web based purchase control system designed for any size of company. For more information see, call 0208 123 77 44(UK) or 01 44 33 928 (IRL) or e mail

# # # specialises in creating SAAS applications. We have over 1000 clients in the UK, USA, Ireland and increasingly have found success in the multi-national and semi-state sectors. is the flag ship product of the company.

Noonmark Antiques Returns to Princeton Show for Fifth Year

– (Philadelphia) Noonmark Antiques, a rising star in the world of high-end Americana, will be returning to The Princeton Fall Antiques and Fine Art Show. The annual show runs from September 24-26. Over 50 diversified exhibitors will fill booths with antiques and art ranging from the 18th through early 20th century. The dealers bring knowledge and experience to answer questions and advise customers on decorating ideas. Moorestown, NJ-based Noonmark, specializing in American painted furniture and folk art, will be at home at the show for the fifth year in a row.

After just four years in business, Noonmark Antiques is getting the attention of top dealers and show promoters with their fresh approach to Americana folk art. Recently, the Antiques Dealers’ Association of America recognized the credibility and integrity of Lisa and Charlie Hammell, owners of Noonmark Antiques. The ADA-the premier association for the antiques business-invited the Hammells to join. The invitation, offered by John Keith Russell, President, holds Noonmark Antiques to the highest standards of ethics and quality-something the Board of Directors recognized in the Hammells before extending the invitation.

Of their new status in the trade, Lisa Hammell says, “I am delighted and honored that the Board of Directors of the ADA has such high regard for our work in the antiques business. This is my passion, and I am proud to receive this recognition from my peers.”

Lisa and Charlie Hammell are bringing their years of study and experience to bear in this new business. With ample experiences in retail, technology innovation and the arts, Charlie is applying all of these to Noonmark Antiques’ branding strategy, customer relations, web site and aesthetics. Lisa, with an ancestry that reaches back to the founders of Germantown (Philadelphia) and William Penn, is applying her passion for history and research to Noonmark. They strive to bring the highest quality and rarity of American folk art to clients. Their client focus is a bit unique, too. In addition to working with collectors, decorators and other dealers, Noonmark is taking a special interest in younger lifestyle consumers who may be new to antiques but want something different for their homes.

Says Charlie Hammell:  “We are thrilled to begin the 2011 season with the endorsement of the ADA. The York show kicks things off on Labor Day. With our strength in Pennsylvania painted furniture and folk art, we will be a great fit. We look forward to meeting new clients there.”

The Princeton show runs from Friday, September 24 (gala party) through Sunday, September 26. For more information, go to or call 609-313-8275.

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Noonmark Antiques specializes in exceptional American folk art. Whether experienced collector or lifestyle decorator, Noonmark can help you. We specialize in painted furniture, art, textiles, pottery and more from the Northeast U.S. Check us out online.