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The iCAS Storage and Archiving solution is now KPMG certified

– Freiburg, 9/14/2010. iTernity Ltd, Freiburg, has allowed KPMG’s accountants to go over  its storage and archiving solution iCAS with a fine-tooth comb. It is now being presented with the auditor’s certificate. This certifies that iCAS users can archive their electronically-stored business information in an audit-proof manner, in accordance with the applicable guidelines. When used properly, as per the certificate, the data can be archived in accordance with the German legal requirements and guidelines.

iCAS therefore fulfills the requirements of the Trade and Tax Law. This includes the Tax Code (AO), the Principles of Proper Accounting (GoB), the Principles of Proper Computer-Based Accounting Systems (GoBS) and the Principles of Data Access and Verifiability of Digital Documents (GDPdU). The solution also meets the requirements of the Swiss Code of Obligations and the Accounting Regulations for Archiving.

Security and flexibility are among the outstanding features of the hardware-independent archiving solution. iCAS is an intermediate layer that is inserted between a DMS, ECM or email archiving system and the storage systems used. The data can be encoded, compressed and placed on the storage medium in a secure manner. iCAS uses the patented Content Storage Container, contained in all documents and metadata. The archived documents are protected from any attempts at manipulation via 512-bit hash values. The ECM System can give iCAS the respective archiving period for the document and deletion of the data prior to the expiry date can thus be prohibited.

KPMG conducts its examination in compliance with the auditing standards recognised by the German Institute of Auditors e.V. and the Federal Ministry of Finance. KPMG International is an association of legally independent, national member firms that conduct their business in 146 countries. KPMG is a business leader in the field of auditing and consultancy in Germany as well. More than 8,500 staff are employed at over 20 different locations.

iTernity GmbH

Ralf Steinemann

B – TSA Checkpoint and Airport Security Steps, Ideas, and Hints to Save time

– Have you ever discovered that you had spent more time at the TSA check points and airport security lines than the time it took you to fly to your destination? Some people have to get screened more than others and at times some of us have been held up in checkpoints longer than it took fly in the air to achieve our travel destination. If this is the case and or you’re tired of wasting more time then needed in the airports, you might like these helpful hints and tricks we are bringing to your attention:

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1. Avoid wearing metal or steel containing accessories, items, clothing, jewelry, money clips, belt buckles, keys, tin foil (gum wrappers), etc.. If you have keys, key chains, cell phones, etc that you have to take just make sure you have them all located in one area so you can take them out at once and place them in the container at the screening checkpoint.

2. Avoid footwear that has metal or thick soles. Also make sure you are not wearing footwear that is hard to put on and take off cause you will have to remove them at the security checkpoint. The reason we mention thick soles is because the TSA can screen your shoes for other purposes than just metal. This might be a precaution they take to make sure your not concealing anything in your shoes/boots.

3. If you plan to travel during the holidays make sure you do not pre-wrap any presents. In some cases it is much smarter to ship them rather than bringing them on the flight with you as well as through the checkpoints. This will help save you a lot of time.

4. You should usually try to arrive at least one to two hours prior to departure if you’re flying domestic and between two to three hours if you’re flying international. Remember the worst thing that can happen is that you miss your flight in which case this will cause you major headaches and stress. It’s always better to arrive at the airport to early and wait then to miss a flight and be stuck for hours or days.

5. Avoid bringing items that are prohibited at the airport screening checkpoints. Things like pocket knives, water, too much fluids, lighters, etc.

6. Make sure you use your carry on luggage for your valuable stuff such as CPU, laptops, itouch, ipad, iphone, walkman, cd player, mp3 player, jewelry, camera, video camera, etc. It is always smart to put your medication in your carry on as well in case your luggage gets lost.

7. Make sure to label your personal contact information and or a business card on your luggage, carry on luggage, laptop, and other valuable stuff in case it gets misplaced.

8. The best trick or hint to Save Time is do not bring any carry on items or carry on luggage. If you do not have anything on your or you are traveling light, chances are you will fly right through the security airport checkpoints because there will be nothing to search on you.

Over the recent years traveling has become a little more difficult do to certain events around the globe. Airports have increased security steps and procedures in order to take the necessary precautions for those that are traveling here and abroad. Chances are these security procedures will not be slowing down anytime soon and that’s why it is smart to educate yourself and others on how you can save time when flying.

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Elizabeth Dunn’s Shoes step in style at London Fashion Week

– Elizabeth Dunn London College of Fashion Cordwainers graduate, showcased six of her most creative shoe designs as part of a two day exhibition between the 1718 September at Fashion Mavericks official off schedule London Fashion Week event at The Strand Hotel.

This was the first time Elizabeth Dunn has showcased her collection since graduating and she was very excited to be involved with London Fashion Week activities. When asked about being approached by Fashion Mavericks she said: “I was flattered when they asked me to showcase! It is such a great opportunity to stand out and show off my creativity.”

Elizabeth Dunn’s shoe making encompasses traditional English shoemaking with her own contemporary twist. Her personally hand made shoes are inspired by elements associated with the earth, nature and flowers.  The luxurious feminine footwear consists of deep, earthy tones and a mixture of raw, rough and glamorous textures to bring an exciting element to footwear.

The two days served as a great platform of exposure for Elizabeth Dunn and her graduate collection. Fashion Mavericks has been successful for showcasing talented designers and giving them the spotlight to expose their creativity to potential buyers and recognition in the fashion industry.

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Bravo Media for Social Good Day

– Bernardo Carvalho from Bravo Media is organizing a meet up to celebrate, share, educate, and engage in a discussion on how technology and social networks can play a leading role to tackle some of the world’s social challenges and issues.

The more we become aware of what it really means to be socially conscious, the more likely we are to make tiny changes contributing for positive change in the future.

We invite you to join the “Social Media for #SocialGood” movement by taking part on 23rd September from 19:15 to 22:00 at the 5th VIEW, Piccadilly Circus.

We believe a great way to become more engaged in causes starts right in our own backyard.

Let’s get connected. What’s your solution?

More information about this event:

About Social Good Day

*Mashable and **(RED) invite us to join the social media for social good movement by taking part in Social Day on September 23. They want us to get involved. It starts with each community coming together and contributing with ideas and, more importantly, solutions about how social media can raise awareness for social issues around the world.

*Mashable is the top source for news in social and digital media, technology and web culture.

**(RED) works with the world’s most iconic brands to make unique (RED) products, giving up to 50 percent of their profits to the Global Fund to invest in HIV and AIDS programs in Africa.

Since its launch in 2006, (RED) has generated over $150 million for the Global Fund and over 5 million people have been impacted by HIV and AIDS programs supported by your (RED) purchases

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About Bravo Media

Bravo Media is a production powerhouse for digital design based in London and Rio de Janeiro. The company has been successfully creating digital design for various high profile clients, including big West End musicals, Blue Chip brands, lawyers and government agencies since 2004.

Sony Xcd Series – Sony Xcd-u100/u100cr

– Featuring outstanding picture quality, high-speed image capturing, and the digital 1394b interface, the XCD Series is perfect for high-quality industrial and manufacturing solutions. The XCD-U100/U100CR incorporates a 1/1.8-type IT CCD that captures extremely, high-quality, detailed images with an ultrahigh resolution of 1600 x 1200 (UXGA). With this wide range of solutions, each with feature-rich benefits, it’s never been easier to select the right camera for your specific machine vision applications. The XCD Series of cameras adopts the IEEE 1394b interface that supports the IIDC protocol. By using this interface, users can transfer images to a host PC at speeds of up to 800 Mb/s.

Moreover, because multiple cameras can be connected in a daisy-chain configuration, users can enjoy the benefits of simplified operation in a multi-camera system. When these XCD cameras are daisy-chained, Bus Synchronization and Broadcast Delivery are available. With Bus Synchronization, users can capture images from different angles simultaneously simply by sending a single trigger from the host PC. Broadcast Delivery allows users to capture images from multiple cameras using a software trigger instead of a hardware trigger, which helps to minimize the occurrence of false triggers. This function also allows users to change the settings of multiple cameras simultaneously

Their compact design and rugged body enables the XCD Series to be integrated into a wide variety of industrial environments.  In addition, the XCD series incorporates features such as partial scanning, binning and hardware LUT (Look Up Table).

Ideal for industrial machine vision applications such as object recognition, inspection, measurement, alignment, and more.

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