Arabic Studies International Fosters Collaboration

– Arabic Studies International (ASI) was established to foster a greater understanding of the Arabic fields of study and to create collaboration among practitioners, translators, scholars, authors, teachers, and those interested in these fields.  

As the organization grows to over 100 members, the organization plans on additional methods of increasing interaction and group learning.  Plans currently include a blend of online and live sessions for discussion of current trends and topics.  Members would be eligible for discounted registration at all organization events.

Visitors can join ASI for free, and search Arabic related jobs, network among their peers, add publications and photos, and help to promote the Arabic community.

Dina Elbahesh, ASI co-founder, announced “We are thrilled with the participation of so many professionals from around the world and are currently planning a special event.  This will be announced as soon as details are finalized and will be the first of many events and conferences that we will host to promote the study of Arabic worldwide”.  

ASI is a membership based/membership driven organization developed to promote collaboration, networking and communication across the varied fields of Arabic Studies.    Based in the United States, the organization is open to members worldwide.  Individual Membership benefits include networking among Arabic Studies professionals and students; access to various discussion forums including those focused on culture, linguistics, literature, research, and pedagogy; job postings, a customizable member profile, opportunities to post information about your publications, add blog articles, receive a monthly E-Newsletter, and reduced registration rates for future conferences.  Plans are underway for Arabic-related workshops and speaker sessions in various locations around the United States.  Additional details can be found at the ASI web site,, designed and maintained by Vietaly Enterprises, Inc.

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